Vic 175th Volunteer Committees

Meet the Vic 175 Volunteers

This is the dedicated team of alumni, staff, and VUSAC members who are bent on delivering the greatest events of the decade to the Victoria community.

Planning Committee

Valerie (Naylor) Story Vic 7T0, chair
Ruth (Manning) Alexander Vic 5T0, honorary chair
Ruth Bentley Vic 4T3, honorary member
Joan (Foster) Mactavish Vic 4T2, honorary member
Akash Goel, VUSAC representative
Ann Fleming Emm 9T5, Emmanuel College representative
Susan (Allan) Gillmeister Vic 8T1, chair, Arts & Entertainment
Paul Haynes Vic 9T9, chair, Social Events
Linda MacRae Vic 6T7, chair, Lecture
Florence (Emerson) Newman Vic 5T7
Dawn Marie Schlegel Vic 9T6, chair, Gala Weekend
Alumni Affairs & University Advancement:
Alison Broadworth Vic 9T7, Associate Director
Jennifer Wells, Alumni Affairs Assistant

Arts & Entertainment Subcommittee

Meet the volunteers responsible for planning and organizing the A&E Events for Vic's 175th anniversary celebrations.
Susan (Allan) Gillmeister Vic 8T1, chair
Stan Farrow Vic 5T8
Kirstin Kennedy Vic 0T3
Mike LeSage Vic 0T7
Lorraine (Nicholls) Richard Vic 8T2

Gala Week Subcommittee

Meet the Gala Committee: these volunteers are responsible for organizing and planning the Anniversary Celebration Week in October 2011.
Dawn Marie Schlegel Vic 9T6, chair
Kim (Geddes) Appleton Vic 9T8
Adelia (Moura) Marchese Vic 0T1
Rita Schepok Vic 9T1

Lecture Subcommittee

Meet the Lecture Committee Members. These volunteers are responsible for brainstorming the themes for the lecture series of 2010/2011.
Linda MacRae Vic 6T7, chair
Stephie Corbet Vic 0T1
Tim Corson 9T9
Andrea Diplock Vic 6T6
Ben Hawkins Vic 8T6
Carla (Niven) Lyon Vic 6T7
Paula (Hryhor) Petrie Vic 8T1

Social Events Subcommittee

Meet your Social Events Committee, bringing you fun and entertainment all year long.
Paul Haynes Vic 9T9 (chair)
Kristin Demuth Vic 9T3
Cynthia Elson Vic 6T5
Ady Ibarguchi Vic 9T8
Amanda Pautler Vic 0T1
Diane (Dubé) Slater Vic 9T7
Koray Salih Vic 0T0

Vic 175

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