Mix Design Naming Convention Survey

One question I get asked frequently is, “What is the best way to name my concrete mix designs?” While some people use sequential mix codes for new mix designs, most people think the mix code should describe the mix design in some fashion. Usually each digit in the mix code will reflect a different aspect of the mix design. For example, 35F6765N would mean:

35 – 3500 psi
F – Fly Ash
67 – #67 (3/4” or 19mm) maximum aggregate size
6 – 6% air entrainment
5 – 5” slump (125mm)
N – Normal water reducing admixture

Of course everyone has a different naming convention depending on their needs. Also, different people have different numbers of characters available depending on the batching system they use.

To try and get a better idea of what people think is important for naming their mix designs, I have created a survey that you can find at .

If you are a concrete producer I would appreciate it if you would take the survey. If you do and you provide me with your email address at the end of the survey I will send you a copy of the complete results after I compile them (probably around the middle of July, 2015). I will also publish a summary of the results in this blog then.

I greatly appreciate your willingness to share your mix naming philosophy with the readers of this blog.

Yours truly,

Jay Shilstone

About Jay Shilstone

I am a concrete technologist for Command Alkon, Inc. and have been in the concrete industry for over 35 years. For 28 of those years I have been working on quality control software for the concrete industry. I am a Fellow of the American Concrete Institute and a member of multiple ACI, ASTM and NRMCA committees. I look forward to talking about concrete mix design and quality control with everyone.

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